Monday, September 26, 2011

Best weekend of the semester yet!

Sorry I didn't write all weekend... I really need to get better about blogging! But this weekend was crazy for me!

This past weekend was TCU's Family Weekend, so my dad came out to visit me. He got in late Thursday night and didn't leave until late last night, so my weekend was packed!

It was so much fun! So many college kids don't enjoy having their parents in town because they can't drink and party all weekend. I love it, on the other hand. 

Reasons why my weekend was awesome:
1. Got to stay in a hotel all weekend. And eat hotel breakfast before going to class on Friday morning. With amazing hotel coffee. 
2. Went to a bar on Friday night with my dad, called Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. Normally, you have to be 21 to get in, but you can get in with a parent if you are 18. It was so much fun- definitely going back when I turn 21!
3. Good eating all weekend. Steak N' Shake, The Flying Fish, Starbucks... yum!
4. Win for TCU against Portland State!
5. Watching TV at the hotel because I don't have a TV at school.... and Friends was on Saturday night!
6. 5k on Sunday morning. I love running with my dad and he really cheers up everyone around him. 
7. Went to the movies! I never go to the movies anymore. Too expensive for college kids. 
8. I just love spending time with my family in general!

Anyways, that's enough for now. I'll tell y'all more later. Have a great night!

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