Friday, May 4, 2012

I believe in pink

Audrey HepburnI think this quote is so cute- it's serious, but adorable and funny at the same time. I love pink, but I'll always be loyal to purple also :) And laughing is a calorie burner! Do your abs ever hurt after spending all day laughing with friends?

Those are the silly little things that I agree with, but I do think that the happy girls are the prettiest. Anyone who is happy always seems to be smiling, laughing, and radiating happiness- which can make anyone look instantly more beautiful. Tomorrow is always there to try new things and miracles do happen, you just have to look closely.

Sometimes I think that quotes make us realize things that we've never thought about before. Reading things that other insightful people have said opens up our minds to new ideas and possibilities. Thus, the reason why I am always filling your minds with new quotes that I find! You're welcome :)

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