Monday, November 5, 2012

This is just crazy...

So here is the rest of my weekend! I don't have very many pictures, so I'll combine it all together.

Friday, I went out to dinner with my class and my professor to Dino, which is this really good, but expensive restaurant in Cleveland Park. Let's just say we were all extremely full after that dinner! Thanks TCU- college students love free meals :)

On Saturday, I went to the Museum of American History. It was a little sad because all but 2 or 3 exhibits were closed for renovation. But I did get to see the Inaugural Dresses for the First Ladies. I love Michelle Obama's dress!

And Harry Potter's robe! Darn you, blurry photo. 

And a preview of a new exhibition about Julia Child! Here is a quick view of her kitchen. 

Then I went to the Museum of Natural History, but I realized all the pictures I took were really gross, so I won't post them. I saw a lot of fossils, skeletons, and real mummies! I'm surprised by how interested I was in all of that- usually I would be disgusted haha.

After that was the Celtics game, which I told you all about :)

On Sunday, I went to the Holocaust Museum again and finally got to see the whole main exhibit! It was sad, but informative. It's a museum that gets you thinking about how stuff like that happens- very thought provoking. But no pictures allowed in this museum!
As for today, it was pretty crazy. I meant to go exploring since I had all my homework finished, but I went to turn in my midterm for class and it was gone! Mysteriously vanished from my computer. Needless to say, I spent all day rewriting it, so hopefully next weekend I will have more exciting posts for y'all :)

Have you ever lost stuff on your computer or have your computer break down entirely?
Do you like seeing mummies/fossils/skeletons/gross stuff at museums?


  1. Mariah, I've lost pictures :( on my computer before (not very good about backing them up). Gina's lost homework before which did not make her a happy camper. I'm glad you were able to rewrite it...good thing you found out right away and not the day of!

    I don't really like gross things at museums but mummies/fossils/skeltons aren't too bad - they usually display them tastefully.

    Have a good week TCU niece! Love ya ♥

    1. It's terrible when you lose stuff! I need to start backing everything up or saving it online.

      The mummy grossed me out a little since it was real and I didn't realize at first, but you're right, they are usually displayed well.

  2. Yes I have lost things. I don't know how yours mysteriously disappearred?

    I don't like gross things that is your mom's department with that human body exhibit.

    Sounds like you saw a lot this weekend

    Cant believe it is November already