Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election 2012!

First off, this is not a political post! I do have my own opinions about politics (obviously), but this post is more about events surrounding the election.

On Sunday, I was walking around downtown when I ran into this:

Hello Kitty's Campaign Headquarters! There were buses around the city promoting the campaign, but I didn't know she had a headquarter. 

There were areas to take pictures with Hello Kitty backgrounds, games, activities, a shop, people promoting Hello Kitty's message and...

Hello Kitty! The candidate herself. She ran under the Friendship Party and the people at the headquarters told us her platform was to create more happiness, friendship, and fun. Just thought this was a cute little thing relating to Election Day :) 

The funny thing was, her headquarters was across the street from where the company I work for held its Election Night Party! The party was at Ultra Bar, which is this 4 level club in downtown DC.

From these pictures, you can see the ground level from a balcony on the second level. The party was a lot of fun (when I wasn't working)! But I was a little surprised when the presidential election results came out so early- luckily the party still went well after that! 

Hope everyone had a good election night- and remember that even if your candidates didn't win, at least we all have the freedom to vote and voice our opinions!

Did you vote? I did! But by absentee ballot instead of at the polls. 
Did you do anything for the election night?


  1. I voted and did so by absentee ballot too.

    Didn't do anything "election related". Unfortunately a good friend's mom passed away so we were helping their family out. Dominic did go to his government classes pizza party at school to watch the results.

    So glad you had this opportunity of a lifetime to go to DC, especially during election year!

  2. No I didn't vote due to poor planning on my part. So i sat at the airport waiting for my flight, and then sat at the hotel worrying about my daughter drinking too much at an election day party.