Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rhode Island Quirks

On Wednesday, my friend and I went shopping on Main Street, so I thought I would just show some cute/quirky Rhode Island things! 

Daisy Magnets! Don't worry, there were Zachary and Emily ones too :)

Troll Shop? I don't know... 

A store full of clothes and accessories made in RI! 

And since I took ZERO pictures on Thanksgiving (I know, sue me!), I am now skipping ahead to Friday haha. 

We went to the movies and saw Silver Linings Playbook with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It was really strange, but also hilarious and cute! I enjoyed it and I guess a lot of people wanted to see it because the movie theater was packed! 

After the movies, I ate dinner at another friend's house, while sitting by the fire :) So beautiful! That is the Celtics game on in the background too. 

Then, I couldn't possibly leave RI without going to Newport Creamery for an Awful Awful- the big one is mine haha. For those of you who don't know, an Awful Awful is like a milkshake, but so much better! I forgot how good they were until I had one. 

The rest of my time in RI was extremely relaxing, but too short. I came back to DC on Saturday night, but now I'm planning my return trip :)

Are there any quirky things to do or places to go in the town you grew up in?
What is your favorite ice cream or milkshake flavor?
Did you see any movies this weekend?

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