Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I finally went to the Kennedy Center!

On Sunday night, my friend invited me to go to a Jazz/Comedy show with her at the Kennedy Center! I have been dying to go there, so of course I said yes! I think this is one of the most beautiful places in DC because of the building and the views :)

Hall of Nations


Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument


Blurry, but chandeliers in the hallway. 


Orchestra Hall

The show we saw was called "An Evening of Comedy and Music with David Alan Grier and Jason Moran's Big Bandwagon". Grier is a comedian who hosted the show and did some stand-ups of his own. Jason Moran and his band played jazz music at the beginning of the show and during some of the comedy acts- they played a song with Grier about potato chips and a song with Faizon Love about christmas and scat singing. 

There were two comedians other than Grier. I mentioned Faizon Love... I don't know if y'all recognize his name, but he was the store manager in the movie Elf! The other comedian was Marina Franklin; she was hilarious and had a lot of jokes about politics, which I loved. 

The show was only an hour and a half, but it was great! I would have never thought to combine jazz and comedy into one show, but it worked. 

I swear this is the end of my post- sorry it was so long... but aren't these the coolest Toms ever?! Thank you family!!! 

Do you remember the store manager from Elf or did you know him from other movies?
Have you ever been to a comedy/music show combined? 


  1. Mariah,

    When you get back we have to go to 4 day weekend! LOVE THEM! They rock Ft Worth.

    Speaking of Ft Worth, I hope we aren't too boring for you when you leave exciting DC.

    Love & Miss you,

    Aunt Denise & family

    1. Yes! I've wanted to go there, but have never had the chance! And Fort Worth will never be too boring for me :)