Monday, December 10, 2012

A Christmas Carol

Last week, my roommate and I went to Ford's Theatre to see A Christmas Carol after work one day. We had been wanting to see a play and tickets weren't badly priced for this one, so it was perfect!

Our seats were up in the balcony, but we could see pretty well! I knew the theater was small, but it was even smaller than I thought- at the beginning of the play, the actors were walking around the theater and talking to people in the audience. One was talking to the girl sitting in front of me and was asking her if she wanted to buy flowers. 

The sets looked great too! You can see the bridge in the center of the photo- it was nice that it added height to the stage because people would go up the spiral staircases on the side and walk across the bridge. 

And there was Lincoln's seat! We didn't get to see the museum, but it was amazing to see a play in the theater.

Have you seen any Christmas plays yet this holiday season?
What is your favorite holiday play?

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